What's the driver behind my work and love for design?

The journey came step by step with ever burning desire and still many steps to go

Today, I think the life itself is a design process that will go on until we live. I started out as just another person looking to earn for clothes, food and housing. Would have done anything (ofcourse legal) for that. But there was more than my previous job of software testing. I moved to Graphics Design and eventually I got interested in User Experience Design. I started my Masters in HCI in Europe. Here, I came to know that user experience is not just about web and mobile applications but AR, VR, tangibles, IoT or just anything around in life. I know now why people recommend "Design of Everyday Things" by Don Norman as the first to read for designers. My mission is to get you in a better position than yesterday.


Let's connect. It's my  JOB  to study your business and design it in a way that makes the customers happy and provides you the best  RETURN ON INVESTMENT 

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