Study Plan Chatbot

A companion to plan your study schedule

This project was a part of the Prepathon app at PAGALGUY Ltd. Prepathon is a course platform that provides study material for students preparing for various entrance exams.

UI / UX, Mobile Design

Note: I worked for this company 2 years back so, the product itself has changed in due course.

Concept and Team Participation

It helps to learn with a guide. Though personal coach is a better solution but having a 24/7 coach is not always feasible. This is where the concepts of bots come in. Our team decided to implement a system of bots that will ease the process of learning for the students.

We came up with the idea for 4 bots namely:

  • Feedback Bot
  • Reevision Bot
  • Study Plan Bot
  • Motivation Bot

In a team of 3 designers we divided the work among ourselves and I took the Study Plan Bot.

Defining the Problem Statement

Student need a definite plan for their study. An automated solution like a Study Plan Bot can help students to stay on track via constant reminders and schedule monitoring. We identified atleast 8 scenarios where the bot can send a notification to the students regarding a certain activity.

Scenario - 1

Intimate the user that study plan for the week is ready. Provide option to select a pace initially.

Scenario - 2

When the app is not open. A notification is sent to the phone with an action button to get the user started.

Scenario - 3

Reduce the mesages to once at the start of the week if user is inactive for 3 days.

Scenario - 4

When the user is on some different part of app such as learn or discuss. NOtification is in-app.

Scenario - 5

If some topic is left to be completed, send a message.

Scenario - 6

When the user completes an exercise, ask to do next one.

Scenario - 7

Change of pace: if the user is unable to complete the topics for consecutive 3 days.

Scenario - 8

Topics are communicated as recommendations.

Scenario - 9

When the user has already done the exercises before default time of sending message, don’t send any message.