Changing the way people share on YouTube

YouTube has many ways to share videos to people. Some people only use one form of it. Some never use the alternative means of sharing videos.

I did it in a group of 3 and our goal was to find the problems faced while sharing videos and to bring solutions to them.

UI / UX, Web Design

User Profile

  • YouTube users who actively share videos on external platforms.
  • User Needs: Many do not know or recognise YouTube native sharing feature on desktop. The majority like to share videos on messaging apps to their friends and family but are limited by current options.
  • Characteristics: Some people use mostly mobile and others mostly desktop version, they share videos with their friends on messaging platforms and all of them are familiar with YouTube.

The Personas



18 year old, medical student. He uses YouTube mostly to watch latest videos on Medical advancement and his favourite Pop music



54 year old working professional. She shares the same tastes in music like her son Sammy


Anastasia [Extreme]

19 year old medical student. She likes pop and rock music and she also creates some songs of her own

Problem and Direction

  • People are not familiar with inherent share in YouTube. - <25%
  • They share with address bar URL but it breaks continuity and takes them to other platforms. - >70%
  • Most used Chat apps are not available currently

Re-imagine video as a sharing space while offering personalise sharing options.
Design Concept

Video Prototype

Decision Justifications

  • Highlight Reel - Reify, Reuse and Peripheral Awareness
    23% of our participants send videos at a specific time and even add comments on those highlights. The highlighted video is saved for later use.
  • Friend’s list - Reuse and Rhythm, Co-Adaptive
    85% of our participants share videos on preferred social media with different people. The HiReel also presents the most used friends first.
  • Get share options from address bar
    Only 15% of participants share via the Sharing button in contrary to the 65 % that shares via copying the url.
  • Participants’ experiences
    Participants shared more than 27 stories, and they all had in common the aforementioned. .

Conclusions and Future Directions

  • People like to be able to share without going to other platform while currently they can’t.
  • A customized list is almost essential desire of everyone to share with certain people on certain platform.
  • The HiReel – It could be evolved into a Co-Watch experience. You view videos at same time and collaborate simultaneously while being in different places, just like a family seeing TV together.
  • Isolated shared space to different highlights - Can others edit the highlights of other friends or not?