Journey to Home

360° VR Video with AR Interaction

Journey to Home encompasses the story of a war refugee family on how they went from the war torn Syria to safety in Greece.

This project was done as Masters HCID project in my 1st year. We were a group 3 people.

UI / UX, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Unity3D


This project aims to raise awareness about the refugee problem and the damages caused by war in Syria through a storytelling experience supported by mixed reality.

This project features two AR and VR experiences, an acoustic and a tangible experience designed to immerse people in the difficult journey of the family through the power of storytelling.

The Installation

We came up with an artistic installation with 4 parts which we call “Experiences” and was premiered in January 2018 in Orsay, Paris, within the HCI Masters Project Exhibition.

Chapter 1 - How their home was destroyed and the journey to Greece [AR & VR]


We created an Android AR/VR application where the people are invited to enter the family’s home (AR part) and then they are immersed in a 360° VR view of the house. We set up wooden blocks representing their house over which a marker was placed which would augment a door lock through people could enter inside the house.

Chapter 2 - Tangible and Acoustic experience on the war and the chaos [Tangible Interaction]


We experimented with sound and speech. We designed an experience where users are invited to close their eyes, put headphones on and explore with their hands a container full of sand and rocks. This container represented the desert land that the family had to pass through for so many days.

Chapter 3 - Arrival in Greece and the challenges faced [AR & VR]


A similar exprience like Chapter 1 where people could interact with an augmented virtual button to enter the door and swa how the family settled in Greece.

Chapter 4 - Najeeb’s photo journey notebook [Tangible]

No computer interaction but rather a focus on summarising the story of the young kid by a physical photoalbum.

Short Questionnaire

We performed a short questionnaire as part of the project with each participant at the end of the exhibition. One can see the results here at "Journey to Home".