Eat As a Local - Sharing Economy for Foodies

To bring delicious food experience cooked by locals for tourists and expats



To facilitate mingling among people new to a city through a common interest of local food


Testing of MVP and feedback validates the concept that people are willing to use such a service. I found a startup now which works on the same concept further validating our project. EATUNIQ - Sharing Food Experiences in Sweden


We conducted interviews to get an idea of the problem. For this, we interviewed 6 people. 5 regular people and 1 being a Professional Chef.

  • All the 5 participants had faced such a situation since they considered food as the important aspect of their daily lives.
  • They usually consulted Google or their friends before going to a place. A lot of times it came out in disappointment.
  • 2 of the participants, did not want to go to a stranger's house for a food experience due to security reasons. Both of them were still open to hosting people since they felt their own home to be safer.
  • 1 participant did not want to host people because he had the shortage of time and also he was not very good at cooking. He was open to learning cooking from a professional chef.
  • The chef participant mentioned that chefs already do independent hosting, private sessions, and cooking classes but it is very limited through their own personal contacts. Celebrity chefs are rare.

Brainstorming from the interview data helped us to formulate a platform

  • We wanted to validate the chef part to check if they are willing and available to do the private session. We managed to get 1 chef to interview but still want to find few more to get a clear picture.
  • Validate if the customers are more interested in the food experience with the chef than learning cooking with the chef. Most of our interviewees are students, we need to cover a large group of people and try to find out the customers.
  • Ethics: At first, our website is matching travelers with local people to have authentic local food, which may challenge the traditional restaurants. And now we matching travelers with professional chefs and local cooks, who are making a living by cooking already, so the website is not taking their jobs but giving them an alternative.
  • As a client people liked the calendar part to schedule and define what things people are looking for.
  • There should be a way to give a rating to the users and also allow the users to track the history of their exploring. At the same time, the exploring page shows the top rating sessions of cooking or classes.
  • Security concerns regarding quality of food. Tying up with ingredient provider may be one of the solutions, by which we can track the origin of the food and ensure safety.
  • There should a standard for the certification of the professional chef.
  • Add information about food on the page. For example, tags about “vegetarian”, and allergen like “peanut”.
  • In the schedule part, we could add extended module of Google Calendar and Google Map, which allows the users to add the event to their Calendar and Google Map.
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