Prepathon Influencers (now Oheyo)

Connecting educators with students through a direct platform

CLIENT Prepathon (now Oheyo.com) Part of Pagalguy.com


Designing a platform for educators to seamlessly communicate with students and answer their queries


App started as a separte concept but got merged with the main Prepathon app since the students and educators both loved to have the functionality on a single platform.

The Design Problem

Prepathon was a course provider platform where educators could upload their courses.

Reviews of the app and feedback showed that the students wanted a direct communication channels to ask questions to the prominent educators in India for their day to day query

Project was carried out in a team of 2 designers. I was responsible for UI design

Arriving at the Solution

We conceptualised an infuencer app that would work as a separate app to the course platform

Students could ask questions to their teachers and receive a video answer

Gamification - Influencers were incentivized for answering the questions. They would receive coins which could be cashed out

High Fidelity Designs

View Questions and Record Answers
Wallet displaying the Earnings and Ability to Cash Out
Profile Screen

Cheatsheet for Interactions


Insights and Learnings

We found that the concept was well received by both educators and students

Registrations for courses from students increased by about 50% for the educators who regularly answered the questions

Educators and students found two separate apps to be difficult to manage after sometime

Feedback led to a redesign to incorporate the course platform and influencers functionality in one single app

Gamification - Coins were introduced but it did not work out as expected. Perhaps, students were hesitant to pay for asking questions

Coins were removed and the concept of influencers was used to get more traffic to course purchases

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