Automating the Learning Schedule for Students through Chatbots

A learning guide that reminds when to study and motivates you

CLIENT PAGALGUY - MUMBAI, INDIA (I worked for this company 2 years back so, the product itself has changed in due course)


Automating the personal coach with a chatbot who can prepare and help students to remain on their study schedule


The company saw increase in the paid online course registrations which provided this automated chatbot


Pagalguy had an online course app called Prepathon. It provided courses on various entrance exams that happen in India. The streams include MBA, engineering courses and medical courses. Initially, Pagalguy had a team of coaches who woul dhelp prepare schedules and guide students in their courses. We faced certain unexpected problems when we analysed the feedback from students. A lot of students used to study at night and when they would post their queries at night. But the coaches would reply only in the morning. This was causing a lot of frustration because the company had marketed the coaches as 24/7 available coaches.

This triggered an attempt to solve the problem and automate some of the work of the coaches. We came up with the idea of using four kinds of chatbots to aid in students study preparation. This was carried out as a design sprint exercise among a team of three designers.

  • Feedback Bot
  • Reevision Bot
  • Study Plan Bot
  • Motivation Bot

SCENARIO 1: At the start of the week, the students are notified that the schedule for this week is ready. They were provided option to select a pace that is suitable for them. They could change it depending on their ability

SCENARIO 2: When the app is not open, a notification is sent to the phone with an action buttion to get the user started

SCENARIO 3: Reduce the mesages to once a day if user is inactive for 3 days. In case of further inactivity students are sent an email to come finish the course

SCENARIO 4: When the user is on some different part of app such as learn or discuss. Notification is presented in-app

SCENARIO 5: We would send a message if some topic is left by the student unfinished

SCENARIO 6: When the student completes an exercise, the studybot suggests them an exercise next in the course progression

SCENARIO 7: Change of pace - If the student is unable to complete the suggested topics for three consecutive days then the studybot suggests to slow down the pace

SCENARIO 8: Within the homepage of the course, topics are also suggested as recommendations to the students

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