Connecting Rooms like a Web

Spyder is a system to connect different rooms in a corridor and monitor whether they are locked or not.

Done as a University project for Masters in HCI in group of 2.

UX Design, IoT

User Profile

  • People who take care of buildings and facilties. For eg. Caretakers in Universities, Hospitals or a Commercial building.
  • User Needs: Care takers have to maintain a record of rooms that are locked by the end of day. They also need information regarding number of people inside, temperature of rooms.
  • Characteristics: These people are mostly management personnel who currently rely on manual checks for each rooms.

Why would One Want This?

We started with a usecase for students who want to study in the University and want to know which rooms are free to go into.

Fig. Student looking for Class


  • We tried with different ideas on sensing a lock or unlock state with RFIDs or buttons.
  • The best solution would be to use passive sensors saving power but we had to settle for a button prototype powered from laptop.
  • setup
    Fig. Ready to test on the Door
    unlock state
    Fig. The lock will be turned
    lock state
    Fig. Connected circuit gives a prompt on Door Lock

Future Outlook

  • How many people are there in room? This is a possible addition to the functionality.
  • Noise and Temperature can also be monitored by this system.
  • The system can be made Wireless and Passive.
  • We can also extend this to multi-room where sensors send signal to a common platform in the corridor making it a web of room monitors.